Anyone may benefit from the water exercises: it doesn’t matter if you are physically strong or not, whether you are good swimmer or you can’t swim at all, if you are experienced athlete or just a beginner.

Water exercises are favourable for people of different gender and ages; for seniors and for children, for pregnant women and nursing mothers; even for people with various health dysfunctions.

Water environment is much thicker, and water resistance is much stronger then the air, that’s why muscles work much more actively in the water than on the land.

Swimming is greatly suitable for people, who hasn’t practiced physical workouts for a long time or doesn’t have fitness or sport experience at all.

BT SWIM (45 minutes)

Learning how to swim. Working through sport-swimming techniques.

Recommendation: For beginners

Advantages of swimming

  • Swimming is one of the most harmonious type of physical activities, as during swimming maximum groups of muscles, and systems of the organism are being trained simultaneously
  • This is also one of the most effective means of the health strengthening
  • Swimming is a great mean for rehabilitation
  • It has calming influence upon nervous system and good for relaxation
  • It promotes effective development of the upper shoulder-girdle muscles and has minimal loading on joints and spine
  • Wonderful mean for coordination development
  • The most injury safe kind of training
  • Great mean to correct and improve bearing

Water games

Water polo is a group game contains of swimming, power loaging, and elements of combat. This game is a great training of aerobic and coordination skills. Once appeared as an entertainment, water polo long ago became a true member of the Olympic Games family.

If you are excitable person and willing to try yourself in the game, take a special “Water polo” course. Solid team and rivalry spirit are guaranteed!

Water Polo (60 minutes, deep water).

Working through water polo technique.

Recommendation: medium level of experience.

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