Aerobic classes

In order to get the workout adequate to your personal state of health, it is important to choose the correct type of activities, corresponding with your preferences and abilities.

Please, consult with the instructor before training.

If you wish to loose some weight, but you don’t like to dance, power trainings may be suitable for you. If you prefer both choreography and power trainings, you may attend courses of the combined format.

If you are fond of dancing, and it is a type of activity which gives you a pleasure, you may choose from the wide variety of choreography classes, with different levels of coordination complexity, and specialized dancing classes.

If you are practicing fitness for quite a while, and wish to experience something new, you are welcomed at the classes of the II – III levels of complexity.

But regardless of the kind of activities you choose, it is recommended to start with the classes of the lower intensity, which will gradually and smoothly get you to the higher level, giving a time to develop your physical state step by step.

Your desire and our knowledge will lead you to the best results!

Recommendation: Always pay attention at the mark, which is stated after the name of the class – I, II, III. It shows the level of the training intensity.

I –courses for beginners, low intensity, instructor focuses on the exercises technique and co-ordination skills.

II – courses for the people with the medium level of experience. Low and medium intensity.

III – advanced level courses. Medium and high intensity.

You may attend any training at the aerobic gyms in accordance with the schedule.

Intro. Introduction into aerobics. The course consists of two parts:

first one – learning the basic aerobics and step-aerobics exercises; second – power workout.

Duration: 55 minutes.

Step. Becoming familiar with the basic steps of the step-aerobics, learning to combine them.

Equipment: step-platform.

Recommended for all levels of experience.

Duration: 55 minutes.

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